Yvonne Nelson Say’s Most Ghanaians Are Afraid to Speak Up.


Yvonne Nelson believes most Ghanaians are afraid to speak up. She said this to Sammy Forson and Berla Mundi in an interview on a special edition of Route919 on Live 91.9 FM.

“I think it is time Ghanaians speak up. Speaking up in Ghana is a problem, most of us do not like to talk and it saddens me that we are like that. We should learn to speak up,” she said when she was asked why she is so passionate of things happening in Ghana.


Yvonne Nelson is an audacious person who actually isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind. This she proved by calling out John Dumelo on the “Dumsor-Mahama saga”, organizing a vigil to protest against our current electricity crisis(“Dumsor”) and very recently speaking up against the Ghana Movie Awards nomination.

We can’t actually tell if this method works for her, but hey Yvonne Nelson has proven that she has a voice and she will be heard whenever she has an opinion.

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