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Why Shatta Wale Was Not Prompted Earlier To Apologise Before Being Nominated, George Quaye Responds !

Hours after the board of Vodafone Ghana Music Awards declared that Shatta Wale does not qualify for this year’s awards unless he completes the process of officially apologising for maligning the VGMA board, a section of the public and the media questioned why the artiste was not prompted earlier to render an unqualified apology than to wait till few days to the release of the nomination list.
They have argued that the late declaration is a deliberate attempt to axe Shatta Wale from this year’s event.
But George Quaye, Public Relations Officer of  Charterhouse Productions Limited, Organisers of the annual event , has said that there was no need to prompt the artiste earlier since he is old enough to see the need to apologise for his actions.
“I’m a bit heartbroken by my brothers saying the declaration should have come out earlier. Why won’t you rather say, the apology from him should have been done earlier? We all love Shatta guys, let’s not get that twisted please. A little fairness and balance will be most appreciated here…Did someone prompt him to rebrand? Did someone prompt him to change his management? Did someone prompt him to make peace with Samini? Did someone prompt him to resolve the little issue he had with Kwesi Aboagye? Did someone prompt him to pick nomination forms? No! He’s a full grown, talented and intelligent man capable of making his decisions and taking actions when he deems appropriate,” he replied a Facebook comment.
George Quaye further questioned why anyone would expect the board to hold a press conference because of an individual. According to him, Shatta Wale’s nomination forms would not have been accepted if the board did not want him to be part of this year’s event.
“Please respect him for that. When he submitted the forms, didn’t Charterhouse welcome him with open arms, receive the forms and submit it to the board as it did all the other entries that came in? So why must the board hold a press conference when all the information it wants to give the press aren’t ready? Why must the board prompt anyone to do something he himself has already started? Why must the board hold its press conference to favour one artiste? Can we all learn to be a little pragmatic please? Seriously it’s frustrating and heartbreaking. We all have our love, our interests and our affiliations, but that shouldn’t take away our sense of professionalism,” he noted.
“The board has given the gentleman the biggest opportunity to be part of the scheme, if he wants to. He’s not been banned, gagged, rejected or sidelined or suspended…so can we all rather find a way to help him finish what he started? I think that’s the most important thing now… Or? Ranting, asking, probing, wondering and trying to second guess the board won’t really change anything at this time. But…well, who knows? Maybe I’m wrong. God bless,” George Quaye concluded.
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