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Sarkodie’s Rap Standards Have Fallen And Weak In Production’s- Okraku- Mantey


Ace music producer, Mark Okraku-Mantey has hit hard at Sarkodie once again over the release on his new single ‘take it back’.

Mark Okraku-Mantey is one industry player noted for saying it as it is without fear or favour.

In the ‘take it back” song, Sarkodie more or less bemoanS the low standards of rap nowadays, saying instead of rappers taking pen to write, they are rather on snapchat.

Sarkodie in the song also called his fellow rappers lazy ass* rappers in the sense that when instrumental is dropped, they only sustain themselves on it for 2 minutes.

On Joy Fm’s Rythm A-Z hosted by Mamavi Owusu-Aboagye, they treated a topic as in what has changed with regards to songs released these days and that of early days of hiplife with Sarkodie’s ‘Take it back’ song as a case study.

According to Okraku Mantey, Sarkodie doesn’t have any moral right to say most of the stuffs in the song and that of late, there is no content in even his song, the productions are weak, there is no theme, his chorus doesn’t even relate to the whole song in general.

“Standards in rap have fallen, even the production has weakened. Compare any song of Lord Kenya to that of Sarkodie’s songs, there is a vast difference in terms of production, content, theme. Take a song like Sarkodie’s ‘push push’, the entire song has nothing to do with the chorus.”

He continued, “Even Sarkodie’s rap standard has fallen. Compare his old songs to that of the new one’s he’s releasing nowadays, you would clearly see that there is a difference. In a long while, the only song that has content for me and was well produced is his ‘Hand to mouth’ song”. He commented.

Mark Okraku-Mantey went ahead to advise musicians to work harder; include more themes in their songs, they should do proper mastering, they should stop rushing into the studios and just releasing anything as a song.

Source: thebigtriceonline

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