Sarkodie Has Lost It With ‘Kanta’, M.anifest ‘godMC’ Has Won Hands down!

sarkodie- kanta

It could be recalled that ace music producer mark okraku mantey made a shocking revelation sometime ago that sarkodie’s standard of rap has falling. This was after sarkodie released the ‘Take It Back’ song.

Months after making that revelation, Mr Mantey has finally been vindicated after sarkodie made a diss song with the title ‘Kanta’ which was directed to M.anefest after he was alleged to have diss sarkodie in his ‘godMC’ rap song.

Indeed sarkodie said absolutely nothing meaningful compare to what M.anefest did.

Take nothing away from Sark, he is a dope rapper and good mc, but the thing is He is not intelligent enough and he Lacks Good content and creative thinking, and that’s why M.anifest will always win him in a battle any day.

Let take for instance Sark been repeating the same Statement On Manifest promoting Africanism and promoting Ghana made clothing line (GTP) and That is not a smart diss cause this shows Sarks Lack of Creative thinking and Another one is were Sark says Manifest beats about the bush and calls him a bitch, well that i will say is a lack of intelligence on Sarks part because Dope Mc release punchlines and leaves it for the smart ones to decipher it.

And Trying to Diss someone from being Afrocentric Hahaha that is really not smart, lol coming from someone who copies Kanye’s brand blindly.He was only rapping about his achievement,and what he did at the age of 12,21,22 and 26.we all Thought sark was gonna hit hard…. This was below the belt and he should come again!

Compare the two tracks below and leave your comment

M.anefest – godMC: 



Sarkodie- Kanta- 





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