Reverend Leonard Soku In ‘Hot Waters’ Over Gold Business

Rev. Leonard Soku


Rev. Leonard Soku General oversea of “Radiant Life Christian Centre” a church located at the SPINTEX ROAD-ACCRA is currently in hot waters over his involvement in GOLD MINING activities at Asankragua in the western region of Ghana about 3 hours drive from Tarkwa.

According to our sources the Reverend Dr after getting all the proceeds from the Gold Mine is playing hide and seek with some of the workers who worked for his company on the concession .

In an interview with Harrison Adom who was the project manager for the mining company at the ASANKRAGUA CONCESSION said for about 7 months he worked for him he has not been paid a “dime” and all agreement and promises made to him has not been fulfilled , according to Harrison he is supposed to be paid 2000ghc as monthly salary as agreed with the Pastor before he started the work but all efforts to get his renumeration  including letters written to him ( Rev. Soku ) by his lawyers ( This was confirmed by his lawyer including copies of the said letters ) after the completion of the job since DECEMBER 2016 has proven futile.

According to an interview with the lawyer, Madam Anita, she said ” ” I have written letters to remind the Reverend about my client’s complaint over the case , I first sent him a demand letter but he failed to reply. A final demand notice was also sent to him and he again failed to respond.This is a clear indication of the Reverend’s intention not to honour his obligations to my client, we have no option but to proceed to the Courts to seek redress”.

This will compel Reverend Soku to pay all monies owed Harrison including interest as soon as possible

The story is just unfolding there are many angles to it, in our subsequent article relating to this matter we shall bring to light every aspects of it.

We just want our readers to also note that we contacted Reverend SOKU and he confirmed this matter.

Our question is  why is Reverend not paying the very people who went on the grounds with all the risk involve to get him the Gold ? or is it that Reverend Soku don’t want to fulfill his part of the contract / agreement ?

In the next edition we shall show you some of the Gold they had at the project.

To be continued….

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