Rashida Black Beauty Nude Videos and Matters Arising [ Article ]


Rashida Black Beauty is a young girl age around 15 to 20.She was a girl of no “prominence”, she became eye in the public domain a year. She became talk on the mouth of every person in this country Ghana and around the world. A year was when her video of insults went viral on social media, in the video she was rallying heavy words of abusive utterances on the ex boyfriend who is called KUSHMAN. In the video, she did not spare the ex-boyfriend’s mother and mocked his albinism. In that video, the teenager boasted about her sexual powers and went ahead to say, she was the one who taught him how to enjoy sex. That specifically mean how sexually active she was even before meeting the ex-boyfriend. Imagine this? At that young age !!!

Varied views were poured out, some people were of the mindset, it is her life and so people criticizing her should let her be for is nobody’s business, and her own LIFE. Months later, the video was nominated for Jigwe awards organized by the current disorganized Entertainment television, Viasat 1. The award per their standing is aimed at celebrating people for things on the lighter side of life. Rashida was nominated for the most viral video of the month award.

On the day of the award–Glory she had it. Her prize for winning the award was an investment package worth 2000 cedis.Reason? Insulting and boasting about her sexual powers. My goodness!!!

I talked against it big time, and said it was unnecessary for her winning that particular award. It was needless. A year after, social media experienced a worst part of her whole being. Social media came to standstill just a week ago of the nude videos exposing her womanhood to the whole world. She recorded herself naked making suggestive moves with houseflies singing praises on her womanhood-Very shameful.

I condemned such nudity in the system, I wrote an article about it same as am doing now. As usual, some of her fans chastised me very well calling me hypocrites just for speaking against the actions. Some were of the view and opinion that, I judged Rashida through my other write-up. I wish to state emphatically here that I had no intention of going to such arena, people misinterpreted my aim of writing. Moreover, I live in a glass house, am a sinner myself. It is by the grace of God and protection that people don’t throw stones at me.

Rashida–I never meant to judge you and if my words were offensive in my previous writing…AM SORRY.

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After my apology,let me tell you this.The truth of the matter is society frown against your actions  and the amount of nudity you exposed out.

You are a young girl, beautiful and energetic in your own surrounding of female gender. Your current age is that funny, I have been there before. Time when I was thinking to be the head of everything meanwhile I was of no value and “sense” in what I was doing. I remember when I wanted to be influential like those I knew all over the screen, on the other hand, I was wondering how to become like such persons-I can say with no fears that you are going through same experience in LIFE currently but is just a matter of time. I have been able to change things, I mean from that negative side to currently positive arena.

Things and prominence I wanted to gain at that tender age, am getting it now and even in abundance–Glory be to GOD in Heaven!

You will ask why am I telling you about my LIFE, is very necessary to share to motivate you. If this very analysis is true then you can turn things(including all what you’ve done in the past)  into positive, that can change the world positively as I do currently in life. With my little mileage in society, with the little I have acquired through education. I write and talk to motivate young charms Like you for betterment. Aside everything, I know you have loves ones around which am part-I LOVE YOU and want the best for you.

I want you to be a powerful positive role model in future. I however believe that if people including me and perhaps others help and guide you, you can be a positive influence and extra powerful young lady.

My dear Rashida, you qualify to be my sister. I can’t and never disown you, am ready to help you reform. What you have done by exposing your nakedness to the public domain is very bad but don’t forget many have that before and they were able to shape it positively which didn’t harm them that much. You can do same to yours–TRUST ME!!

Admit that, what you did is a disgrace to womanhood and never in your entire life left to spend on this earth TRY THAT AGAIN. Also never see it that society has disowned you, is never like that. Society including me love and only if you change your attitude. You can become anything you want to become in LIFE, have yourself a positive role model. Study his or her ways; if possible get close to this person to seek for answers.

I got information on Tuesday July 25 of you been arrested by Berekum police service for interrogation. It was sudden to hear that but the laws of Ghana need to work-I know you will be out of it, found yourself a good lawyer. God be with you on that score.

Again, enroll yourself in school-Education is the key to success—don’t neglect school. Study hard, be respectful, abide by rules and regulations and you will make it. Prove your critics wrong.

No matter the damage caused, it is “repairable”–TRUST ME! I wish you well in your endeavors.

Source: ghreloaded.com / Justice Walker Junior


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