A Pluz Tears ‘Pepper Dem Madness’ Group Apart

Vociferous musician and business man Kwame Asare Obeng aka A Pluz has taking the group Pepper Dem Ministries to the cleaners on his popular facebook page.

The group that calls themselves ‘feminists group’ over the course of the week one of their leaders in response to a question said, ‘she don’t see why a woman has to cook for her husband’ this statement has caused a lot of debate on social media and many people has called the group as ‘A useless and worthless group of women with no future’.

One such people is A Pluz who today has described the people as a ‘group of a ‘body odour, lazy and good for nothing women’

According to A Pluz he Iniesta them especially their leaders and when you get close to them that’s when you will appreciate how stinking their bodies are hence not interested in serving and managing a home since they can’t manage their own bodies.

Below is what he posted on facebook,

‘What a friend asked me; Kwame I’ve not heard you say anything about this feminist nonsense oooo.

Me; Who put a gun to your head to marry a useless lazy woman who does not want to cook clean and take care of her own home and family?

You see, 90% of the so called feminist in this country have some body odour. It’s a fact. (Scientifically proven) It is not that they don’t want to serve a man. They just don’t want to serve. Not even themselves. They can’t take care of their own body how do you expect them to take care of a man?

I know them. Go close to them. Especially their leaders.  ɔmo ho kankankankan. Etu fush fush fush fush. Tweaaa!!! They have some highly inflammable gasses circulating their “body atmosphere.”

There are so many humble, beautiful and intelligent Ghanaian women out there who are ready to serve and know how to make a home out of a house. Look for them, love them and make them enjoy life forever. When you find a good and humble woman, make sure she never cries. Even if she does it has to be tears of joy.

Forget all these white dross turn brown lazy mobile money “females”… 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄’

Source: www.ghreloaded.com


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