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Ola Michael Blast Bra Sammy: Stop Threatening The Young Lady To Abort The Pregnancy..

Ola Michael

Ola Michael

Bra Sammy is a gospel artist based in kumasi and according to Ola Michael he is threatening a lady by name Ohemaa Jacky also a gospel artist who is pregnant for Bra Sammy to abort the pregnancy or else he won’t take responsibilities of the unborn child .

Last week the story broke out on the various websites about how Bra Sammy trying to deny being the father of the unborn child .

Bra Sammy who is well known over his fake accident saga which got him trolled everywhere few months ago is at it again and again that man Ola Michael who revealed his fake accident story took to his Facebook wall and went hard on Bra Sammy .

Below is the unedited post : 

“When the issue of faked accident of brother Sammy came up, he stood on radio at Nhyirafm in something called worship, to curse somebody called Ola. Oh yeah, that was me. He just didn’t curse me in that noise called worship, but me and my whole family line. Interesting.

That was after his manager had called me to help kill the story for him. I was ready to do that and gave him ideas on how to help do that. Only for his boss,with his bootlickers, and an out of sync presenter, to spend so much minutes on radio to disturb the ears of people.

I only sort to forgive him cus when I heard it my heart was saddened. How can u say u are worshipping God with unforgiveness enthralling your heart?

To cut long story short, I forgave and pleaded with him to seek help and avail himself for deliverance cus people had called me so many times. Some threatening me others telling me the bad stuffs about Sammy. I told them I do not meant to be the reason to ending his career.

What do we hear now? He has impregnated an “underground” gospel musician outside his marriage? And threatening the lady to abort or die? Funny dude.

THE LADY IS SIX MONTHS PREGNANT DUDE! How do you terminate that?

If you love the guy, advise him to seek deliverance. For the saving Grace of our Lord Jesus is still available for him.

It is an important decision to take and he should make an open confession, for forgiveness or his career, is really going to get bad.

All Christians should remember him in prayers. We can’t loose him to the devil. We have lost too many already.

My name is Ola. I am that man from Kumasi and Tamale.”


Credit: ghreloaded.com

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