Ever since the video of Stonebwoy being mimicked by a ‘fan’ on stage at the Live FM launch surfaced on the internet, some trolls took it upon themselves to mock the artiste online. The unknown guy who hopped onstage uninvited, made fun of Stonebwoy’s physical challenge, imitating how the dancehall artiste walks. This infuriated Stonebwoy, who had to leave the stage.

However, the attitude of mocking the challenged artiste on stage and on social media hasn’t gone down well with KOD. On Thursday afternoon, Live FM radio presenter Kofi Okyere Darko (KOD) dedicated a post to Stonebwoy, explaining that the act is unacceptable.

In his own words..

“Personally, apart from being my friend, Stonebwoy has earned my respect over the years for being a mastering his game. I won’t give credence to any fool who would want to use my platform to disrespect him! I also don’t see the need to post a video to ‘spite’ him as some people are doing. ..it’s shameful! BHIM!”

After KOD’s post, a fan replied him saying;

“But @nineteen57gh u guys delayed in condeming the act… And frm wat were re reading it seems non of u guys saw de guy on stage…. Where were ur bouncers???? KOD…..”

He later replied saying;

“@mike_okyere Have u seen the video? I actually heard a day after the event, I was nowhere close to the stage…Some of these excesses can happen especially when the event is meant to be very interactive between artistes and fans. That was the nature of the show even though evidently there was security EVEN on the stage”

“@mike_okyere It was not necessary to put it out publicly after personally apologising to him until some individuals decided to make a public spectacle of it for whatever reason. Some people just have very little to do and spend their time engaging in unnecessary mischief”

Unfortunately we wish not to share this video here. We also do not condone such act.

By:FKG  |  Source: EnterGhana

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