Vice-President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia returned home last Thursday February 1,2018 from a 12-day medical leave in the United Kingdom. He arrived in Ghana in the company of his wife, Samira Bawumia, on board a British Airways Commercial airline at the Kotoka International Airport where they were met on arrival by President Akufo-Addo and his spouse Rebecca Akufo-Addo and other state Ministers of State.


If there is anything I remember of Dr Mahamudu Bawumia during the heated campaign election witnessed in 2016,it was the “Wahala” maiden speech at the manifesto launch of the NPP ahead of the election. He was undoubtedly the NPP’s most potent political tool and months after the election, he remains a vital part of the government and its vision to change Ghana to a better state.


Frightening rumours and conflicting reports rife since the office of the President released a statement on the Vice-President’s ill matter. Just after, another statement to be from the office of the President flooded social media to the effect that the Vice-President had been flown to London for medical attention. A disclaimer was issued again from same entity describing the earlier statement as fake.


The controversy and then the confusion did not settle before yet another statement by the Madam as chief of staff confirming the content of the “fake statement”. Meaning Vice-President was in the United Kingdom for a medical leave.


Questions starting tripping IN from Ghanaians as to whether we don’t have “good” medical doctors and hospitals in Ghana to treat him. As usual of politicians, they defended and justified as to the reason(s) why the Vice-President needed to be in the UK. Dont be surprised, that’s the nature of every politician, they see good in everything from them in government and see it as evil in opposition.

Till now, nobody with the exception of his wife, some key government officials knows what frigate the two weeks medical leave to the UK. The information about his health condition was very squalid, irregular, and most of the time conflicting reports from high office in government officials. Many including me find it very unpleasant.


Our politicians and leaders go outside because our hospitals are a mess and they think, they deserve better health care. They care less about problems in the country because they always have chance to run for assistance elsewhere. It’s an African thing–very sad!!


With all the above unpleasant, Ghanaians woke up to Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia taking a walk on the streets of London with his lovely wife, that particular walk was captured in an amateur video, which was shared all over social media platforms. To surprises of many, there was no security presence by them, second gentleman of the land–IMAGINE. Sounds ridiculous and outrageous.

I remember six years ago when Late Prof. Mills turned the tarmac of the Airport into a jogging ground with no better reason(s) but to prove a point to critics that he was fine. Unfortunately, he died the following month on July 24,2012.Videos and pictures that spread all over social media of the Vice-President that by the grace of God, he’s not dead or paralyzed. Such encounter ends up being political gimmick, I wonder if they notice it.


Three issues are important at this moment;

Firstly, the mess at our health care needs to be fixed. What Healthcare treatment is good for the politician is also good for the man or woman who voted.

Secondly, politicians should stop  playing with the minds of citizens. With every incident, they prefer to prove a point and it ends up being risible.

Lastly, President and his Vice deserve rest. They are not super-humans. They get tired in duties just like I and You. The Office of the President deserve rightful people and fire anybody who’s credibility being questioned end of day. It will save him some breath.


Watching television Late Thursday evening was annoying just to say the least, was disappointed seeing that welcome interagency for the Vice upon his arrival. All state officials present that night was at the expense it the tax payer.


Huge sum of money on television and radio coverage just to prove a point that the man is healthy could have been avoided to rather solve the mess in the country.With all that aside, the man is back to work.


I wish him well and expect him to transform the country to a better prospects as was promised during the campaign season.



The writer Justice Dzido is a Freelance Journalist. His email address is JusticeW40@yahoo.com. The above article is his personal views and sentiments expressed. God bless and make our country Ghana a better one.

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