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JUSTICE NOOK: When the Counsellor needs Counselling–the case of GEORGE LUTTERODT.



“A man who is not ready for marriage, is a man who wakes up in the morning and cannot eat the food ‘his neck loves’. He waits until 11am and he eats banku, tuna, groundnut soup and drinks more water”

“Never allow a poor man to marry you. A poor man’s marriage will kill you early. And when you die, you will go to hell”

“Report any man who is not married to you but uses your picture as his DP(display picture) to the police and get him arrested”

“I dated 32 ladies before marriage”

“Beautiful ‘born one’ women makes me sad each day because they have lost their dignity” – – – THE above are quotes attributed to him. He’s arguably the most controversial public speaker in the country. He talks of being a Revered Minister and a Counsellor as his profession, as to his church or who ordained him the ‘Reverend Minister’ title, many including me don’t know.


If there’s anyone in the country who has enjoyed love-hate relationship from Ghanaians, then it’s this MAN. His relationship advice and comments makes many cringe and lacks merit. He’s a GA man-just remembering you in case you’ve forgotten. He’s also married to Abigail Naa Yemodey and they have two kids, Frederica and Fredrick.

His utterances over the years has one way or the other exalted marriage as the peak of life’s achievements.

To him, the greatest achievements in life is marriage, jumping on personalities who for some reason(s) hasn’t gotten marriage. To him, if a woman takes care of 200 orphans, it is nothing if such person have no children on her own. His overwhelm pressure on the young and old to get married is sometimes very annoying and disgusting. If you are an unemployed African woman with bachelor, it is highly possible to chunk on people like LUTHERODT who will ask when you’re getting married instead of the other prospects when you starting work. It points out to Lutherodt as the uncomfortable truth that, marriage is such a big ambition-infact number one ambition in life.

People like Counsellor only reinforces and interested in this stereotypes. And because of his nature, many and uncomfortable young girls out there will feel unfulfilled, undesirable and worthless if they haven’t found a man to share their various life with.

Speeches and utterances of this said Counsellor has molded the minds of many to assume that marriage is an achievement everyone must attain in life by all means; by hook and crook. Marriage is great, Love is beautiful. No two ways. However, it is not an achievement or obligation. Wearing a ring is not the ultimate or praise!!

Many aspects in life are predictable, same don’t apply for relationships or marriage. What might work for person A may not necessarily work for person B.


The dictionary defines Counsellor as “a person trained to give guidance, advice, help on problems of persons”. What he refuses to know is that; his ankle of duty is to provide directional guides and not force persons into any amenity. He can point what he believes will help but can’t make it a norm, for the final decision is eventually for the person to take or not to.


His outlandish delivery is very off putting; he attempts or claims to be “brutally honest” and uses that to be offensive on personalities, ruin their reputations in the small airtime given to him in the media. A lot of times, he just states his opinions blatantly and in an inane manner. He is just like the man Donald Trump-have less respect for human.


Over the years, he has made unsavory comments about women doing that better in their respective professions, women he only knows them through the media. Nana Aba Anamoah, Joselyn Dumas, Yvonne Okoro, Yvonne Nelson, Lydia Forson and many others, he has abused them all for no better reason. There was a video trending on social media time ago, he was in the studios of okay FM verbally engaging to Victoria who was at that time, engaged to popular actor Kofi Adjorlolo. It was an ambushed of some sort and people in the studio that day did little to stop him. He assaulted the lady with abusive words which finally brought tears to her eyes. All this while, he was getting all the cheers from some unguarded people.


Some say, he jokes with such comments but to me, is a flimsy excuse to free the Counsellor. For if his wants to joke or be a comedian, he can make it known as such and not this manner.


All these people he has abused and continuing to abuse have a story he knows less about. All through those statements made and still making, his ignorance has highly showed itself. The truth of the matter is; Counsellor Lutterodt is getting sick or kook on the “fame” and making him rant unnecessarily and ignorantly. These presenters know what they do when they give him a chair, microphone, record and permit him to say things to encourage the foolishness for their own amusement. Bloggers, Online promoters later put his recorded videos on social media for likes and comments to end up in generation to make profit.

He has been made to believe over all this year that, his hype makes his counselling “wise” but ends up being gimmick. And sometimes his cheerleaders have a vindictive agenda, dropping names of personalities for him to give his opinions on. My anger at some circumstances direct towards these kind of media houses that has helped contribute to the nonsense he has become today. Thinking aloud why they will give an unqualified person a platform even against public outcry and warnings from the Ghana Psychological Counsel. See, it will be more prudent if he goes on these various platforms to serve an opinion like anyone because we live in a democratic world but not a FACT or ABUSE HUMAN.


I’m optimistic his fans will attack me for this but I care not. Truth be told, his rantings are unnecessary and abusive more often. Counsellor Lutterodt sometimes present salient points in the most distanteful manner just to get a rise for fame. He has moved from the usual advising nature of a said Counsellor to imposing his utterances the gospel truth, and is even descending more offensive, verbally abusive and disrespectful always. Maybe, just maybe the fame addiction on the streets has made him lose his mind, and he now shouts all to be heard.


If only his conscience work, he should apologize to these women he has attacked over the period. Counsellor Lutterodt should get the drift that, marriage is a personal decision and not public dimension. I’m yet to see anyone put up his/her marriage status as one of their achievements on their CV.


Marriage is awesome. What’s more refreshing than having a spouse to make one world a better place. Marriage is honourable. It is worth praying for. However, it should not be a yardstick to measure whether one’s life is/was well-lived. Marriage is a great union but that doesn’t make it an achievement. Marriage is desirable and that is why reason(s) for entering should always be right. Counsellor Lutherodt, so-called outspoken marriage counsellor should know better and dare people to dream big in life. Marriage should be one of those dreams but not their only dream.


When one is unable to marry, life should still move ON and not make such persons’ hoax.


With all the above, is so clear the man Lutterodt needs Counselling himself, I recommend God and the Holy Bible for him.



The writer Justice Dzido is a freelance Journalist. His email address is JusticeW40@yahoo.com. The above article is his personal opinions and sentiments being expressed. God bless and make our country a better one.

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