Jerry John Rawlings, Valerie Sawyer, NDC and Matters Arising

Junior Jesus, the brave man, are just few of the names he is known by, some say he has charisma, others believe the 19 years he lead the country was difficult years of Human misfortunes and under development.

There are those who believe he is the best thing to ever have happen to Ghana in terms of presidency. Which ever side you belong. There is no denying the fact that Jerry John Rawlings is known and loved by many in equal measure. Past week, the focus was on the formal president, the ones who are unhappy on the first president of the fourth republic known being Dr. Valerie Sawyer. The daughter of Harry Sawyer, the one until his death in 2013 was a key member of the party founded by Jerry John Rawlings.

It all started with the hook of Valerie Sawyer pen and paper.She wrote very lengthy letter full of adjectives, vocabularies, explosive languages, reminders of what use to be the general crusade with which the writer explode the truth colors of setting how high ranking personal found it way into the media. It was clear, Madam Valerie Sawyer has taken a deep drink from the reflection of things and felt she could no longer watch he who still critique the party NDC.

The reason is; Jerry John Rawlings still demonized the party who has lost election and praises the ‘sin’ of his new found friend…President Akuffo-Addo. The same man whom Rawlings has spoken highly of praise since beginning of the year as he won the election.

Praising Current president was his opinion but seems some NDC members like that of Madam Valerie Sawyer did not liked it. That made and prompted her to write that long article for the founding father of the party she is enjoying the fruit of it now.

Defense from the camp of Rawlings came on board to counter the article saying the formal deputy Chief of Staff has no right to criticize the formal president especially since she didn’t work for the appointment she held in the past. This was discussion all over the place, TV and Radio programmed, took over it.

Members and high dignitaries expressed their displeasure in the article by Valerie Sawyer. They felt very disappointed in the lady jumping to that extend.

TRUTH IS; No individual or persons can downplay the impact and the importance of the man whose ideals of truth, integrity, probity and accountability has become the functioning principles of the National Democratic Congress. He is the root of that tree, without which it cannot flourish properly. He was there in 1992, 2000, 2008, and all the way to 2016 when the divorce position between the NDC and Ghanaian’s were finalized.

Jumping on him with abusive words never is easier said than done, the difficulty in dealing with the founder in a sharp context with that of Madam Valerie Sawyer can be dealt with.



Source; ghreloaded/Justice Walker Junior

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