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I feel Like Slapping Somebody Inside VIP Group – Promzy Fumes

Former member of the defunct VIP music group, Promzy Afrika, is not happy about a photo purported to have been sent from one of his former group members to another.

In a Facebook post, Promzy expressed his disappointment at Prodigal for sending a photo grid that has Reggie Rockstone, a member of the new group (VVIP), to former VIP member, Bone.

“How can Prodigal send this [photo grid] to Bone with f*ckery Reggie in it? I feel like slapping somebody. Nobody can ever take my place for all this years. Happy new month family,” he wrote.

Responding to some messages on the post, Promzy disclosed how his former members tried to destroy the relationship between him and Shatta Wale.

“They killed my relantionship between me and wale n me being a good big brother,wale realise the truth n came to apologise n we cool now.i got love for all but boys for stop fooling or else 6 feet deep await us all,” he stated.

“U reggie your father die,i was the one there for u 24/7,everybody ask him who he was close to,who he shares his secrets with,who helps him on stage when everybody left him, sidney(nananom) is my witness,” added.

Few years ago Promzy left the music group, making room for Hip life grandpa Reggie Rockstone who joined the two and changed the name from Vision in Progress (VIP) to Very Very Important Personalities (VVIP)

VIP, one of the first music groups to have emerged during the early stages of hiplife initially had Bone and Friction who later left, leaving the number to three: Promzy, Prodigal and Lazy (now Zeal).

They produced some of the massive hits the country has even had. In 1998, they released their first album, ‘Bibi Baa O.’


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