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I fed And Bought Stuffs For Fargo But I Wasn’t Paying His Fees, He threatened To Leak My N*de – Myzz Adel Speaks.

As the issues about a guy who is playing the girls in a facebook group started trending on facebook between one Jeffery Fargo the group admin and Myzz Adel a member of the group ( and one of the numerous girls who has fallen for his trap ), ghreloaded.com went behind to have an exclusive interview with the lady in the center of all this controversies.

In our lenghty and fruitful telephone conversation,  it was established that the earlier report which indicated that,  Myzz Adel was the one behind the payment of Fargo KNUST school fees wasn’t the case. But rather according to her a lady by name Lizzy confronted her and revealed to her she was responsible for the guys education and that she has been dating Fargo for over 3 years now.

‘I want to clear the news going round and I’m telling you the truth,  I never paid any fees I was only reporting what one Lizzy had told me and not about myself’ she said.

    Adel and Fargo

Myzz Adel went on to explain how she met Fargo and the way all this matter got to where it is now,

‘I met Fargo on facebook about 3months ago I remember it was in August,  I commented on his picture and he inboxed me saying he has gone through my profile and has realised I like music a lot,  so he want to introduce me to his group that deals with music and entertainment stuffs the group name is LOW KEY GANG. So I also accepted it and he added me so as we were chatting he took my number he calls me and gives me more attention and that was something that attracted me to him,  he then went ahead and proposed to me so we were now dating.

Things started going bad when on his birthday party I went there with something I bought for him, to my surprised he came to the party with his girlfriend and he warned me not to behave like we know each other. Later I was getting threatening messages from different girls and I started getting to know the real Fargo, not knowing he has slept with most of the girls in the group, so I decided to quit to prevent anymore embarrassment,

We asked her what motivated her to go public with the issue, and she said,

‘Yesterday I came on facebook live to let the world know what the guy does and how he is playing the girls in the group, I wanted just to do that so the girls will be careful but not to tarnish anyone’s image,  I took the bold step to do that even though that wasn’t my wish but I needed to do that to prevent many more ladies to fall for his devilish acts, now he is threatening to leak my nude photos’

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