“When the time women voices were silent and hopes were dismissed, she left with the hope of assurance in making things better” – – Barack Obama. His legacy as the 45th US President is a mixed one, some say, he never really met the expectations of the millions of Americans that rejoiced when he won the election. Others look at the US currently under Donald Trump and give a sign of relief that, there was once a man dignify as Barack Obama in the white house. Is been over a year since he exited power and the debate about his legacy is sure to go ON for a long while, how he fed when it comes to the thousands of promises he made. One bold promise was with the Guantanamo Bay Camp. It has been a difficult aspect of government for a country like US that prides itself as champion of human rights, democracy and good governance. By making that promise, Mr. Obama wanted to spare the US of the criticisms it was receiving from human rights organizations but when US summit voted against the plan to relocate the in-mates to the US. Barack Obama was faced with a quadrennial, a solution to that was to ask other African Countries to host the GITMO detainees. Ghana was one of such country.


Ghana President at the time said the decision to accept them was born on an act of a humanitarian need. Given that the US has created a camp in 2002 to detain extraordinary dangerous people. News that a Middle income state like Ghana with less sophisticated Defense and military weapons compared to the US will host two of the GITMO detainees created a bunch of responses from citizens. Catholic Bishop Conference, Occupied Ghana, International Relationship Expects and then opposition voiced their displeasure out of the situation. Ghanaians wanted the government at the time to send Mahmoud Umar Muhammad Bin Atef and Khalid Muhammad Salih Al-Dhuby to the US. The NPP’s flagbearer now President of the Republic said, the government is walking on the dimension of not respecting our rule of law as a country.


Nana Akuffo-Addo was one of the loudest critics on the issue, his comments on the matter landed in the ears of Ghanaians that if per any chance, he becomes president, the GITMO 2 detainees will be sent back. He kicked against the two detainees stay in Ghana and even used it as a political tool during the 2016 election. That was 2016, a year which ended when John Mahama made history as the first one term president in the fourth republic. Two years after the talks, the flagbearer at the then opposition, to God be the glory is now president of the Republic. His gloves are field with power unending, he has access to so much information yet when quizzed on the GITMO 2 matter, one good year after being in office. President Akufo-Addo only managed a reply of a decision will be taken later.


Minister for Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Madam Ayorkor Botchway was subsequently summoned before Parliament to inform the August house about the fate of the GITMO 2. Ghanaians were shocked to learn that the two are staying put because they were granted refugee status on 21st July 2016 by the Mahama administration, following a request by the national security to the then chairman of the Ghana Refugee board. These revelations and developments raised a number of critical questions which cannot be washed away by simply stating that the basis for granting them that status was because their country of origin was/is in turmoil; or they can only be taken out of the country if they misbehave themselves. A response many Ghanaians including Minority in Parliament find it very risible and clumsy.




The whole process operationalized to grant refugee status to the GITMO 2 violates the country obligations under the various global (UN) and regional (AU) refugee’s conventions. The country’s laws allow for rejecting such a refugee calm. The non-refoulement principle is not and will not be violated if the GITMO 2 are returned back to their country. No matter what, NPP government can perpetrate the detainees despite the refugee status on them. The two Guantanamo Bay detainees Atef and Al-Dhuby were in detention for 14 years by the United States after being linked with the terrorist group Al-Qaeda.


A government that kicked against the acceptance of the two are now singing praises and justifying their continuous stay in the country. President Akuffo-Addo and his government will be judged by Ghanaians end of day by their decision taken against the 2 detainees. My little information tells me, Occupy Ghana is ready to pounced if something goes wrong and I promised to write you another article.


Source: DZIDO JUSTICE (0244452983)

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