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  • Featured Article: Sarkodie Murdered Flowking Stone – Read Why!

Featured Article: Sarkodie Murdered Flowking Stone – Read Why!

Michael LordGyan ( Manager of hip hop art Mr One )

Michael LordGyan ( Manager of hip hop art Mr One )

These are facts to prove that indeed sarkodie is a better rapper than flowking stone… And he proved it on stone’s own song “fire burn dem” remix

1. lets look at the technical aspects of the song…Technically any music producer will put a good rap first before any other rap… This is done to entice listeners to the song.. When you listen to a song and the first rap is wack, you will not continue to listen.. So they always bring the good rap first… This is what happened with sarkodie and flowking stone.. Sark came in first.

2. Norm :the norm is that any rapper who features another rapper will always come first.. This is to show that yes indeed the song belongs to you.. No matter how big the featured artist is… A good example is Sarkodie ft Ace Hood… Although Ace Hood is bigger than sarkodie when he was featured on sarks song sarkodie did his Rap first before Ace Hood to show that indeed he is the owner of the song… Another example is sark and Joe B.. Though sarkodie is bigger than Joe B, when he was featured on tonga.. Joe B came in first because his Rap was on point…. But when it comes to this song sark came first.. So the question is why? .. If not because his Rap was better than Stone..

3. Lyrics : now when u listen to both rappers on the song you will noticed that stone admitted that sark is the boss .. And sark also went ahead to say it once again on the song…this is what sarkodie said about himself and other rappers including flowking stone..

Sark: “me ne other rappers huge margin” meaning when it comes to other rappers there is a huge margin between them…

Also when mentioning rappers in Kumasi sark did not mention flowking stone but rather mentioned okyeame Kwame, kunta kite and cabum.. But refused to mention stone,the one he is on his song.. Don’t think is because he is on the same track with him.. No!!!

Getting to the end part of sarks rap he said “Tema boys in the building obia ntu neky3” meaning they all have to salute him including stone himself..

Now let’s see where stone admitted to the fact that sark is the boss..Stone made it clear that sark on the track is a blessing in disguise… So he said “mene sark ka bom a b3bia wu wokrom” Admitting sark is the king

4. Number of minutes done :Sark did 1.11 seconds and Stone did 1.05 seconds… Difference of 6 seconds…

I don’t want to go into the lyrical content… Because stone will fall flat … This is my opinion tho.. All said and done Ghana should watch out for “Mr One” the next dope rapper..

By :Michael LordGyan/ghreloaded.com

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