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  • Facebook User, Shatta Molley Console Yvonne Nelson And Takes GhanaCelebrity.Com CEO (Chris Vincent) To The Cleaners

Facebook User, Shatta Molley Console Yvonne Nelson And Takes GhanaCelebrity.Com CEO (Chris Vincent) To The Cleaners

shatta molley

A facebook user with the name shatta molley has taken a whip at the CEO of Ghana celebrity.com (Chris Vincent) for his recent defamatory and humiliation words he meted out to actress Yvonne Nelson.

In the said post, Shatta molley console yvonne nelson not to worry about what chris has been saying about her pregnancy but should take consolation in the fact that she wanted the fruit of the womb and God has blessed her with it.

In a quick twist, The writer told Yvonne not to worry about a man (chris) who has not been able to impregnate a woman in his entire life and a renowned gay activist (trumu trumu).

Yours truly Ghreloaded.com chanced upon the post and we want our readers to know if the writer is right or wrong

Read the Full post below……

I am not your fan but I can’t pretend I dont feel your pain. I hope this letter finds you well.

Hello Yvonne,

I trust you are among the living this morning. I wish to commend you for the maturity you have shown the man who sees himself as the mogul of our time. I believe it is not because you don’t have answers to his rants but because you don’t owe him any explanation whatsoever.

Chris-Vincent called you names based on how he sees you and that’s his opinion. My plea is that,ignore him. Whenever you find a man whose conscience is driven by the thirst for wealth then you should know such a man would do anything to get money.

What matters to you is that you wanted a child and you have it. Many pay bribes for babies to be stolen from the labor ward just so they can experience what motherhood is all about. In your case you chopped a penis regardless of the rightful owner, got pregnant and carried the baby in your womb for 9months until delivery. You could have aborted it but you didn’t and that’s what real women do. They take responsibility for their right or wrong actions

Ignore the man who has never impregnated a woman in his entire life to continue with his rants. If he has the balls to produce fertile sperms then he should have his own and spare us the “bitch” life. A man who passionately supports “trumu dea” and frowns on fornication is as confused as a dog whose bone vanished between his teeth. Leave this battle for some of us who write freely without consulting google.

I am not a scholar but I am gifted with something that many admire.

Shatta Molley

shatta molly

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