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Exclusive Interview: Meet “Dj Manni” The New Official DJ For Shatta Wale


Born Emmanuel Denkyi known in the entertainment industry as “DJ MANNI ” was born in the eastern region of Ghana to Madam Millicent Efya Denkyi in a Town called Nkawkaw , originally hailed from OBO KWAHU all in the Eastern side of Ghana .

He lived most of his life in London at age eleven he was sent to London ,UK where he continued his education , in an exclusive interview with ghreloaded.com , the new official Dj for the “Dancehall King ” Shatta wale disclosed how excited he was after hearing the news and revealed how he met shatta wale for the first time.

Below Are The Conversation Between Dj Manni and Ghreloaded.com ( Sit back and read all you need to know about Dj Manni ) :

GR: Good morning Dj Manni , how are you and your family ?

DJMANNI : Gm , am Very fine and my family too is doing great

GR : Can you tell us about yourself ?and where you are born?

DJMANNI: Ok , I am Emmanuel Denkyi “DjManni” as yall know , I was born in the eastern region NKAWKAW from there went to Live in NEWTOWN AKOTEX then to TAIFA , Schooled in TAIFA a pre school called WHITE DOVE . My Mum left to London around that time I moved on to GREEN HILL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL at Achimota St John for a little while , was always moving around so i was changing schools. Then went back to Kwahu to stay with my Grandmother for about 4months then from there straight to London at the age of eleven ( 11) schooled in London for Five ( 5) Years but was tricked and sent back to Ghana because i was very very bad lolx

GR: Really? lol


DJMANNI: oh yeah so bad that my parents didnt want me to stay in Accra so when I came to Ghana I was sent to Tarkwa to school at TARSCO . Tarkwa too didn’t end up well either i only could manage a term i felt more than in prison than school lolx

GR: Interesting lol

DJMANNI: plus i beat up a couple of teachers may they forgive me now ( smilling ) lol

GR: eii you beat up teachers ? you were really stubborn guy hehehehehe , so finnaly where did you complete secondary education ?

DJMANNI: London .

GR: Ok so you came back to Ghana and left to London again at what age ?

DJMANNI: I went back to London at the age of 16 and decided to join a football academy and was very close to joining a Top club in London but due to knee injury my dream couldnt come through, I went to Houston Texas after that played a few justify but my knee was injury wasn’t getting better so I came back to London for a Surgery

GR: wooow it looks like you were good in playing football , so what was the name of the school you went in London

DJMANNI: ooh yes I was very good I even nearly join Arsenal but because of my knee injury I couldn’t so I have to stop playing football , I went to WARWICK BOYS SCHOOL in East London Waltham stow .

GR:ooh hmmm sorry like by now you are still in Arsenal playing , Let’s go into your work now , when did you notice you have the talent to become a DJ?


DJMANNI : In 2008 I came back to Ghana and saw Iwans video ” she still love me ” on tv and I was like woow , throughout my life in London I had always been around Jamaicans instead of my own Ghanaians so 1 had learnt a lot about them,I can even speak patois perfectly more than most of Ghanaian dancehall artistes .I came with a friend from the Caribbean Islands of Monsteratt where we heard about Black Rasta,we listened to his shows and even called him , that was the first time I heard Shatta Wale Anastasia , I saw the video and was like wow who is that? I love Iwan but this guy will be a top hit within 5 years time,my friend from the Caribbean can even testify to what i am saying.

GR: so you heard of Shatta wale song for the first time in 2008 when you return to Ghana , ok so how did your Djing life started .

DJMANNI : I went back to London but before I left I met Dj Gashi who is a Dj , at the time I wasn’t a Dj I just had some collection of reggae and dancehall music because I love those music’s , I returned to Ghana in 2010 and stayed for about a year and used to go to reggae shows with Dj Gashi in NiMA Judgement Yard and other locations around Accra , I would be playing from my MP3 and Propel and would be going Crazy that was what gave me the inspiration but didn’t feel that was the right time to be a DJ , I started training at the beach and got some strength back in my legs so left to Houston Texas in 2011 for one more justify thinking I can continue my football career and luckily for me this time,it went well so i played for some clubs,scored some goals and we went to finals and scored 7 goals in 2 games and everyone thought they will signed me but it didn’t work after that all my hopes in football were lost so I gave up on it then I left Texas back to London .

GR: that was bad , your passion for football was in no doubt very high is unfortunate it didn’t work out

DJMANNI : hmmm its all good,God knows the best, so after all that I hooked up with an old school friend from Jamaica ( Squeechie the mixing don ) he was a DJ at the time, so I decided to learn from him since I love music and love to spin , but he said MANNI I can’t have time to teach you but when am djing watch me so I was mostly around him everyday learning for a few months , i did a few Jamaican Dancheall mixes , but said to myself no DJ in Ghana does mixes for the underground artist so that’s what I’ll do and started off with a Mix for Shatta Wale to my surprise it got lot of downloads and that’s how everything begun for me,that was in 2013 , so I have been djing for about 3 years now.


GR: ok , so how did you finally meet up with Shatta wale , tell me all about it

DJMANNI: I added Wale on his Facebook account back in 2011 and we used to talk but not often , people were telling him about the mixes I did for him and we actually met for the first time in London last year , he messaged me two days before the London Wembley show and said he knows how hard I’ve been promoting his music in London and wanted me to DJ for him at the Show

GR: That was the SSE ARENA show @ Wembley


GR: Ok so from there what happened how did he rate your performance , personally I have seen the video of the show I even have it on my laptop I think it went so well , the crowd were just cheering up and singing along

DJMANNI: I think maybe he had some little doubt before the show but after the show as we came downstairs he came straight to me and hugged me and said we did it .

GR: That was great , I guess that started the good relationship between you and wale .

DJMANNI : ooh yes so i finally came to Ghana in April 2015 to kick start full time Djing in here in Ghana , when I was in London in radio I was the only DJ playing the likes of Rashid Metal , Ra’s kuuku , stonebwoy and plenty more artist I used to talk to Gasmilla a lot on my shows , I feel very happy that I’ve done a lot for Ghana artiste from my own pocket but only a few of them like Shatta Wale who have shown appreciation , I think it’s time Ghana artist start appreciating DJs because we sacrifice a lot to get their music heard .

GR: So how did you take the news that you have been officially appointed by Shatta wale as his main DJ

DJMANNI : I felt so happy that he chose out of the many DJs in Ghana and I will forever be grateful to him for given me such a life time opportunity , Trust me bro no words can describe how I feel after I saw the article its the same feeling I got just before I went on stage at Wembley .


GR: Its All good I personally like your work I have listened to some of your mixes I think you are doing well with your company ONE LOVE AFRICAN SYSTEM ( OLAS ) keep it up and wish you all the best in your new appointment as the official DJ for Shatta Wale , we hope to be seeing you jockeying with the disc anytime shatta go for a show.

DJMANNI : Ok thanks bro , am very grateful for given me this opportunity to be on your platform , peace and love #Sm4lyfe

STORY BY: Flex K Germain

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