Criss Waddle Has A Small Dick Like A Baby- Mary Replies

criss kweku waddle

Wonders they say shall never end as the lady who is said to have tried committing  suicide because criss kweku waddle broke up with her has replied the controversial musician.

Hours after criss waddle leaked her nu*de photos, Yours truly got in contact with the lady at the center of this whole saga to know if she has seen her nu*de photos all over the social media, and her reply was “Yes i have seen it, a friend of mine sent it to me through whatsapp and even though i am shocked,i am taking it cool as a matured person.” 

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Prompted by this reporter if she is isnt bothered that it could ruin her future, she had this shocking thing to say ” i am not worried at all, criss waddle is a fool and no wonder God has punished him with that small thing he has in between his legs, that very small dick,honestly i was very disappointed when i saw it for the first time…he is not a man at all….twiahhh” She added.

According to her, she has severally visited Chris Waddle at his Tema and Prampram residences where both engaged in hot sexual bouts and criss waddle penis is very small and sometimes have difficulties in getting erection.





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