8 Mystery Cows Found Dead On The Street Of Accra




In this picture released by the police department of San Jose, some of the 52 cows that were killed by lightning lie along a fence on a ranch in Valdez Chico village near San Jose, Uruguay, Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2008. The cows were killed when lightning hit the wire fence during a fierce storm, according to police. (AP Photo/San Jose Police Department)

While seven of the carcasses were found close to the traffic lights at Sakaman, the eighth was spotted in front of the Funeral Centre near the Odorkor MTTD Police Station.

The disappearance of the penises and tongues of the ruminants added to the mystery surrounding the strange spectacle.

For the superstitious, the multiple collisions which were recorded when two vehicles tried to manoeuvre through the eyesore on the road unsuccessfully, fed into their fear. The damaged vehicles are said to be parked at the Odorkor MTTD awaiting the necessary procedures, DAILY GUIDE has learnt.

DSP Abdulai Mumuni ruled out any rituals when he told DAILY GUIDE that the cows might have fallen from a vehicle and died, adding that they could have been stolen and after the fall the thieves did not want to risk stopping.

Some young men claimed to know the owner of the cattle, according to the police officer, and managed to move one of the cows to the police station at Odorkor, but never returned when they said they were going to fetch the owner.

Another theory has it that the cows might have been knocked down at dawn by a speeding vehicle, but this has been disputed as not possible, given the sizes of the ruminants.

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly’s Director of Metro Public Health, Dr Simpson Anim Boateng, ordered the movement of the dead cows from the scene to obviate any health challenge.

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